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Explore B.C.'s Fiordland in August on our Grizzly Bear Tours

6 or 8-day adventure cruises to explore B.C.'s Fiordland aboard our 54 foot ship Great Bear II

Watch Grizzly Bears and Spirit Bears fishing for salmon in B.C.'s Great Bear Rainforest and the Fiordlands on our Grizzly Bear Tours. You will also have opportunities for whale watching and encounter the culture of First Nations Peoples with Ocean Adventures on B.C.'s west coast.

The Great Bear II, our small luxury travel vessel, has all the necessary safety and navigation equipment needed to ensure safety during travel. We also have an 18-foot hard-bottomed zodiac dinghy for use on guided trips along the shoreline. We also have kayaks that allow you to get a closer look at our incredible coastal anchorages.

While we do not have a trip focused solely on Fiordland in August in 2019, we are offering trips that will feature Fiordland. Please email us at for other expeditions that include this amazing area.


We only allow smaller groups on all Ocean Adventures' Grizzly Bear tours. This promotes safety while minimizing the impact that we have on the local wildlife and landscape. This also makes for the best wildlife viewing experience, as a smaller group does less to disturb native wildlife. Further, if you're intent is to capture incredible photographs of the local wildlife, you have a better chance of getting a great shot when in a smaller group!


As we Explore B.C.'s Fiordland in August we will be traveling through the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest. Backdrops of powerful landscapes, spectacular wildlife viewing and whale watching, and the unique culture of the Kitasoo/Xai'xais People are our focus as we Explore B.C.'s Fiordland in August.


In August the wild Pacific salmon begin their return to Fiordland's rivers and streams to spawn and complete their cycle of life. The returning salmon are like a dinner bell to the bears that will be fattening for hibernation, for wolves feeding their families and for many kinds of birds.

In almost all the waters we will be traveling herring are providing a feast for Humpback Whales in preparation for their long migration to Hawaii. Humpback whales offer the best whale watching as they seem to fly out of the sea in a full breach or as they demonstrate their cooperative feeding behaviour know as bubble net feeding, or as they slap their powerful tails on the water to warn other whales.

On our tour, we will pass through the narrow channels that make up the Fiordlands. Astonishingly tall cliff faces laced with waterfalls border these channels. During the mornings, when the mists are thick, you'll swear that the sights you're taking in are even more sublime than they normally appear.


As we Explore B.C.'s Fiordland in August the wild Pacific salmon are beginning their return to the rivers and streams of their birth in the Great Bear Rainforest. The wild Pacific salmon are the lifeblood of the coast and at this time of year are the primary food of the Grizzly Bears, Black Bears, and the rare Spirit Bears as they fatten for their long winter's hibernation.

One of the most fascinating sights we will encounter is bears congregating along the rivers in search of salmon. Normally, they are highly territorial, but they seem to make an exception when the salmon migrate home en masse.

Large Chum Salmon fighting his way up a creek in the GBR See how bears and other animals help provide the fish fertilizer for the towering trees of the rainforest. Witness the power and techniques of the bears as they catch the salmon.

Osprey in flight Each moment you spend on the river with your guide(s) watching the bears, will be unforgettable! Learn how bears each have their own fishing techniques taught to them by their mother, and see the look on a spring cub's face when he picks up his first fish.

As you explore these estuaries with your guide(s) learn how we know that wolves have been fishing for salmon-signs that will help us determine when and where we might see them.

A host of birdlife, including gulls, eagles, and ravens, also feed on the wild pacific salmon that the bears and marine life feed on during this time period.


As we Explore B.C.'s Fiordland in August on our Grizzly Bear tour, we will learn about the Kitasoo/Xai'xais People whose traditional lands we will be visiting.

Learn how these First Nations People peacefully co-existed with the bears in these river estuaries, about their awe inspiring culture, and see their Big House in their village of Klemtu.

As you Explore B.C.'s Fiordland you will hear and see why these traditional lands are so important to their future.


Whether our guests take a kayak for a paddle or relax on the forward deck of the ship, everyone will revel in the serenity of our anchorages.

You'll be completely in awe of the majesty surrounding us on our travels. From the distant sounds of water falling and rolling off tall granite cliff faces to the symphony of songbirds in the nearby forests, there is no experience quite like it! Find out why those that join us on our Grizzly Bear tours through the Fiordlands keep coming back year after year.

Experience the Wild in Wilderness!


"The magnificent landscape: fiords, forests and granite cliffs are all apart of our heritage. But the bears... ahhhh...the bears! You could not have planned it any better!" ~ John and Marnie, Victoria, B.C.

"Passionate, enthusiastic, welcoming... plus we saw SO much wildlife! Thank you very much!" ~ Julie, U.K.

"It has been an unforgettable experience and I really hope I can persuade Dad to bring us back . (I don't think much persuading will be necessary!)" ~ Bella, U.K.

First class BC wilderness cruises, coastal tours and charters on the West Coast of British Columbia aboard the 54 ft. Great Bear II, out of Vancouver, BC.
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