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Islands at the Edge ~ the Inside Passage

Take an 9-day adventure cruise aboard our 54-foot ship, Great Bear II.

Watching bears, whales, birds, wolves, in B.C.'s Great Bear Rainforest, along Princess Royal Island and B.C.'s Inside Passage.

Humpback Whale at sundown Islands at the Edge / the Inside Passage Cruise in August will begin in Prince Rupert in northern British Columbia, taking us first along the islands at edge of the Great Bear Rainforest including the north west side of Princess Royal Island. From there, we will then travel along the northern and then eastern shores of Princess Royal Island, visiting mainland inlets, known for the populations of Grizzly Bears. The last day of the trip will take us along water ways where we hope to see Sea Otters, and perhaps Humpback whales and Orca.

Join us aboard our 54 foot motor yacht Great Bear II as we explore one of the most sought after wilderness areas on earth. The spacious layout and warmth of our Great Bear II's wood interiors can only be outdone by the magnificent views from her salon, pilothouse, and outside decks. Unlike traveling on sailboats, our motor yacht offers views to the outside from every room on board.

Our ship, Great Bear II, is Transport Canada certified as a passenger vessel, and carries all the latest navigation and safety equipment. Each year, the ship undergoes rigorous inspections by Transport Canada, by owner and Captain, Eric Boyum, and by systems specialists that Ocean Adventures employs.

See our Schedule Page for dates and prices OR email us at info@oceanadventures.bc.ca.


Although we have had private charters with as few as 1 for a special photo assignment or 2 people celebrating their special anniversary, our scheduled trips are limited to a maximum of 6 guests.

We believe that our smaller group sizes allow our guests to really discover the heart beat of this unique and soul stirring wilderness.

Thoughtful, quiet, patient wildlife viewing is practiced so that our guests can witness the natural behaviours of the wildlife and so that we can make the least possible impact on the wildlife and their wild homes, all of which are of the utmost importance to us.


This 9-day / 8-night Inside Passage cruise takes place during the late summer along some of the Great Bear Rainforest's outer coast and then along the Inside Passage through the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest.

The beginning of this trip takes us through critical feeding habitat for Humpback whales and important areas for both Resident and Transient Orca, Fin Whales (the second largest whales on earth), and both Dall's Porpoises and Pacific White Sided Dolphins. Other marine mammals we hope to see on this trip are Sea Lions, Sea Otters, and Seals including Elephant seals.

Along the shores of the outer islands at the edge of the Great Bear Rainforest, it may be possible to see Deer, Coastal Wolves, and Black Bears as they come to forage along intertidal areas. As many of the wildlife here blend easily into their environment, it's always a good idea to keep watch with binoculars along the shorelines, for the best results. While this is not prime time to see the Spirit Bear, it is possible that we could see the Spirit Bear, the rarest bear on earth.

From the outer islands, we will then head down the Inside Passage, along the eastern shores of Princess Royal Island to visit mainland inlets that are known for their Grizzly Bears. As this will be the start of the wild Pacific salmon returning to the larger rivers on this part of the coast, the bears will be spending less time eating berries and more time at the river, looking for salmon.

As we near Bella Bella, where we will end this trip, we will again keep our focus on the shorelines for Black Bears, Deer, and Wolves and on the water for Sea Otters, Humpback Whales, and Orca.

Throughout this trip it may be possible to see a huge variety of birds from seabirds along the outer islands at the beginning of the trip to raptors such as Bald Eagles that come to the river estuaries to also feast on the salmon.

Jaada on the beach

These "Islands at the Edge" of the Great Bear Rainforest provide us with some of the most diverse and powerful landscapes on earth. White sandy beaches are edged in ethereal rainforest, sunsets turn seascapes into ancient masterpieces, and the mesmerizing sounds of the surf remain with us like a well-loved song.

As we travel to mainland river estuaries along the "Inside Passage", low lying islands with white sandy beaches and bonsai like trees, give way to fiords and sweeping river estuaries edged in the ancient trees of the Great Bear Rainforest. Backlit trees draped in mosses that wave in the wind are not only nature's works of art but also provide shelter for bears and vantage points for Eagles surveying their realm.

These powerful landscapes of immeasurable beauty are food for the soul.

Backlit trees, draped in moss in the Great Bear Rainforest


Led by our professional, full certified and experienced guides, guests will have opportunities for wildlife viewing, whale watching, bird watching, intertidal exploration and a little beach combing.

Whales... While other parts of the world have been made more well known by marketing making them much busier, the north and central coasts of B.C. are quieter and definitely among the best whale watching areas on earth. An area described as a "critical feeding habitat for Humpback whales", allows us to witness some extraordinary Humpback feeding behaviours. This area is also well known for Transient Orca, Fin Whales, Dalls Porpoises, and Pacific White Sided Dolphins.

Orca Pod including young one

Humpback Whale bubble netting Pacific White Sided Dolphin

Wolves... Along these outer islands, we could see the genetically unique Coastal wolf. These are wolves that swim between islands, fish for salmon, and often live on the marine life such as giant squid, sea lions, whales, and seals that have washed up on the beach. Although these wolves still have a taste for the local deer, almost 75% of their diet comes from their marine environment. It is important to note that the Coastal wolves' unique coloration and wariness of humans make them difficult to see; however, prepared guests who keep a lookout and scan shorelines with binoculars will likely catch a glimpse of this amazing creature. Genetically unique Coastal Wolf

Bears... Near the beginning of August, as the wild Pacific salmon return to the streams and rivers of their birth to spawn, bears begin leaving the berry patches where they've spent most of their summer and begin making their way to the streams. On this trip, we will visit at least one salmon river deep in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest. Here we hope to see Grizzly Bears as they begin patrolling the river in search of a salmon dinner and learn how these bears help feed the giant trees of the Great Bear Rainforest.

Grizzly Bear enjoying a salmon

Salmon... The wild Pacific salmon are the lifeblood of this coast, providing food and nutrients to the Bears, Wolves, Resident Orca, Sea Lions, many species of birds, and the towering trees of the Great Bear Rainforest.

Coho salmon jumping up falls in the Great Bear Rainforest

Sea Lion eating a salmon Huge Chum Salmon struggling up a spawning stream

Birds... While spring in the Great Bear Rainforest is the best time of year to see the birds in their breeding plumage, August and September provide some spectacular opportunities for seeing and photographing birds like the raptors that are here to feast on salmon.

Bald Eagle eating a fish

Osprey carrying a salmon

For those of us that keep a watch along shorelines in nooks and crannies, the rewards can be large even though these little guys are small... ~ Pine Marten

Wild Mink

Wild Mink

This trip provides the most potential to witness the incredible biodiversity of this wilderness area, from the outer coast to the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest.


While we will transit the waters of several Tsimshian First Nations People, this trip will primarily take place in the traditional lands of the Kitasoo Xai Xais People of Klemtu on the central coast of BC.

This trip will end in Bella Bella in the traditional lands of the Heiltsuk People. As you meet some of these people, you will be meeting our friends and our teachers, with opportunities to learn why these traditional lands are so important to their futures.


Whether you choose to relax on deck as we travel and enjoy the awe inspiring views of one of the world's most remote wilderness areas... or take a kayak and go for a paddle to enjoy the serenity of our anchorages, life on board is never dull. As you paddle the shoreline you have the opportunity of encounter rich tidal pools, playful Seals and even playful River Otters. In the quiet and calm of these anchorages you may even hear the call of a Bald Eagle as he defends his meal or the distant howl of a Wolf communicating with its pack. All excursions off the ship are in our 18 foot hard bottomed zodiac.

Kayaking in a Great Bear Rainforest anchorage


We welcome you aboard, to share with you, what we believe are global treasures.

So that our guests can find the true meaning of the "wild" in wilderness, we believe that it is imperative to lead trips in a thoughtful, patient and quiet manner, with our small group size of not more than 6 guests on each trip.

This means our guests will have opportunities to witness the natural behaviours of the wildlife while having the least impact possible, something that is extremely important to us.

Sunset on the shores of the Great Bear Rainforest We want to spend less time traveling long distances each day and have more time for you to really get to know the places, the wildlife, and the people along the way.

When our paths cross with some of nature's greatest events.. Humpbacks breaching or bubblenet feeding.. bears patrolling the river's shore in search of a salmon dinner.. or simply enjoying the stillness and serenity of this soul-stirring wilderness.. we want to be able to stop, for as long as we like, and savour these life changing moments.

Email us at info@oceanadventures.bc.ca for dates and prices
for this 9-day departure OR for other expeditions that include this area.


First class BC wilderness cruises, coastal tours and charters on the West Coast of British Columbia aboard the 54 ft. Great Bear II, out of Vancouver, BC.
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