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Official Blog of the Great Bear II

First class wilderness adventures and holiday cruises on the coast of British Columbia.

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Monday, December 16, 2019

A NEW TRIP for 2020...

Islands at the Edge / the Inside Passage

Juvenile Humpback Whale breaching at sunset

Beginning in Prince Rupert on the north coast of British Columbia, this NEW TRIP will first take us through waters known for some of the best whale watching on earth... along some of the outer Islands at the Edge of the Great Bear Rainforest... and then down the northern reaches of B.C.'s Inside Passage to some of the most spectacular fiords and bio diverse river estuaries on the planet. If you are interested in the awe inspiring biodiversity of the The Great Bear Rainforest... or some of the most interesting and challenging photo ops on the continent... or simply sitting back, relaxing and drinking in all the soul stirring land and seascapes, this is the trip for you!

Captain Brad Mason, Chef Cindy Lewis, and Crew Person / Naturalist Krista Gooderham will be leading this 9-day / 8-night trip from Prince Rupert to Bella Bella. The crew's combined expertise in marine and terrestrial biology, conservation, animal behavior, photography, and gourmet cuisine, are sure to make this a trip of a lifetime.

Experiencing true tranquility...

As on all of our trips, this trip will be limited to 6 guests. Our small group sizes offer our guests a more intimate experience in one of the world's most remote and sought after areas on earth while keeping our footprint to a minimum, something that is extremely important to us.

Bears play wrestling in the river

Traveling in our small groups ensures our guests are able to enjoy the natural behaviors of the wildlife while we maintain the highest levels of safety for our guests and the wildlife. Please click on the following link that will take you to our webpage that describes this NEW TRIP in more detail: Islands at the Edge and / or Contact Us for more details.

Join us on August 7, 2020 in Prince Rupert for an unforgettable trip along the "Islands at the Edge" of the Great Bear Rainforest and its "Inside Passage".

Saturday, August 31, 2019

~author unknown

As this long weekend approaches here in BC, please remember that we share this beautiful place with other species that require our respect for their survival.

It's a tough job being a Mama Bear, especially when cubs are so young as these.. so please respect them by keeping your distance. No photo op is worth upsetting these amazing mothers and quite possibly threatening the lives of her cubs.. as cubs may panic and run in different directions if surprised or scared.

The photo above was taken with a 500 mm lens and cropped to show you more detail, all of which kept the Mama bear and her cubs relaxed continuing on with their feeding.

If you are out on the water, please keep your distance from whales and other marine mammals as required by the law in your area.

Orca including young calf Photos taken of whales, such as the one here, can be taken with longer lenses and/or cropped to make the subjects appear closer.

Remember, the slower you drive your vehicle on roads or the slower you operate your boat on the water.. the more likely you are to avoid a collision with wildlife.. AND.. the more likely you are to enjoy the beauty and serenity that nature offers... including perhaps, a sighting of a rare Spirit Bear...

Have a wonderful weekend.. and remember.. you are a part of nature, not separate from it!

Spirit Bear
Photos © Trish Boyum

Tuesday, August 14, 2019

Stellar Sea LionsOrca including young calf

While we understand that many people want to visit the Great Bear Rainforest in August and September to see the Spirit Bear, the best kept secret in May and June!

There truly is no where else on earth like the Great Bear Rainforest in Spring. The peaks of BC's Coastal Range are still blanketed in snow and provide a stunning contrast agains the bright blue skies in spring.

As we travel in Fiordland, polished granite walls rise thousands of feet out of the sea and are laced with waterfalls that seem to fall from the sky.

At the head of these inlets are river estuaries that are carpeted in wildflowers and teeming with new life.. Grizzly Bears just out of hibernation.. birds in their breeding plumage that have come here to nest and raise their young.. Stellar Sea Lions looking for the perfect haul out for their little ones.. and Transient Orca in search of young marine mammals!

To learn more about these trips into the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest in Spring, please click on the following Link https://www.oceanadventures.bc.ca/grizzlybeartours1.html

Spring 2020 trips are booking up quickly so please contact us soon if you would like to join us in the Great Bear Rainforest in Spring 2020.. with your choice of an 8-day or a 6 day trip.

Contact us at info@oceanadventures.bc.ca for more information.

Wildflowers carpet river estuariesBald Eagle in flightLove is in the air

Friday, July 12, 2019

"If you go off into a far, far forest and get very quiet, you'll come to understand that you're connected with everything." ~Alan Watts

Rowing a boatBirds together
'Boy Bear' looking for his sisterMossy Tree
Photos © (T. Boyum)

THIS is what we must all believe.. and practice.. that we are connected to and a part of everything.. not separate and superior to. When we all believe this.. that we are a part.. we will do much better at looking after the earth and the amazing species we share it with.

Join us... and discover how "you're connected with everything."

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First class BC wilderness cruises, coastal tours and charters on the West Coast of British Columbia aboard the 54 ft. Great Bear II, out of Vancouver, BC.
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