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See the magic of our latest season of adventures! View our Photo Journal here!


Whale Watching, B.C. Central Coast (3 days) — August 23, 24, 25

Our NEW 3 day WHALE WATCHING departure on B.C.'s central coast will give you an opportunity to experience some of B.C.'s most spectacular whale watching. To maximize your time aboard and ensure 3 full days with us, we suggest that you travel to Bella Bella a day in advance of the trip and depart from Bella Bella on the day following the trip. We suggest the serenity and comfortable accommodations of Whiskey Cove B&B for the 2 nights on either side of this 3 day trip. When you have questions regarding this exciting trip, we would be happy to answer them.

Islands of the Spirit Bear/ The Inside Passage (9 days) — Aug 27 to Sep 4

Due to popular demand, we have added the 9 day trip "Inside Passage/Islands of the Spirit Bear". This trip will start in Bella Bella and end in Prince Rupert (with guests leaving the ship in Hartley Bay and being flown to Prince Rupert on the last day of the trip. (Seaplane flight included in the price of the trip.) If you'd like to experience some of our coast's most spectacular scenery and wildlife viewing, this is the trip for you! When you have any questions regarding this exciting 9 day trip through the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest, we would be happy to answer them.

Click here to view our updated schedules.


Justin Clifton & Jaime Milward

Great Bear II Logo

Justin Clifton (Biography)
Justin Clifton was born on the Queen Charlotte Islands (Haida Gwaii) and has lived most of his life in the small coastal village of Hartley Bay. He proudly holds the name "Niis A Waatk", a name that was passed down to him from his grandfather, who was given this name at birth. Justin's parents are of Haida and Tsimshian ancestry and both of these distinct west coast backgrounds reflect in Justin's elegant and intricate silver carvings. He has been honing his artistic talent for years, but has recently started to make his living through his artistic craftsmanship in 2008. He credits Jessel Bolton and John Sterritt with teaching him through their talented artistry in both wood and metal carving and aiding him in fulfilling his dream of becoming a respected carver. Justin has a strong sense of spiritual creativity and attributes many of his inspired carvings to his spirituality and visions.

We are honoured that Justin agreed to create this design of the bear tracks with the head of a salmon inside the tracks for our new logo.

To reach Justin you can email him at

Jaime Milward (Biography)
Jaime grew up in the Yukon and has recently made Vancouver her home.

After graduating from a Graphics Communications program at BCIT in 2008, Jaime fell in love with recreating other people's visions.

Jaime says she jumped at the opportunity to be involved in designing our new logo — and we're very happy she did. Jaime found that recreating our idea proved to be a very rewarding challenge. To reach Jamie you can email her at

Inspiration for the logo...

Our love of and respect for bears... Grizzly, Black, and Spirit Bears, our passionate dedication to their conservation, their important relationship with their environment, and their intertwining in the cultures of the First Nations people whose traditional lands we visit... were all inspiration for featuring bears so prominently in the name of our ship AND on our logo.

Justin Clifton's image of the bear tracks with the head of a salmon inside the bear tracks symbolizes the important symbiotic relationship between the bears, the salmon, and the Great Bear Rainforest... and the First Nations people whose traditional lands they share.

You will be seeing Bear Tracks...
The next time you see our ship Great Bear II she will be wearing the new bear tracks designed by Justin. Justin has created silver pendants for us with the bear tracks design, which will be available for you to purchase. Jackets, vests and hats will be embroidered with the new logo. If you are traveling with us this year we'll be waiting for you dressed in our jackets or vests with our new logo.

We hope that you will join us as we celebrate the launch of our new logo, by celebrating bears and lending your voice to their conservation.

There is Hope... and there are Solutions...

  • Hunting for trophies and just for sport is unacceptable and CAN BE STOPPED.
  • Fish farming MUST BE MOVED from open nets to closed, contained, and on land... to protect the already dwindling stocks of wild Pacific salmon from sea lice infestations. The wild Pacific salmon are the lifeblood of our coast.
  • Oil SUPER Tankers MUST NOT RETURN to our coast — one accident will make the Exxon Valdez seem insignificant, destroying ecosystems and the traditional lives of many First Nations people.
  • TOURISM, CULTURE, and SCIENCE MUST BE ENCOURAGED as a means to provide jobs and encourage pride within coastal communities.
  • COME to the GREAT BEAR RAINFOREST and see how important the bears are to their rain forest ecosystems. Along the way enjoy local food, accommodation, arts and culture — and — enjoy the passion, dedication, and knowledge of local guides. The more success tourism can generate in coastal communities, the less people will have to depend on industrial fish farms and industrial logging for jobs to feed their families.

Mahatma Gandhi said...
"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

For more information...

  • Visit and see their new video on trophy and sport hunting in B.C. Add your name to the growing list of people from all over the world TO STOP THE HUNT. April 1st is the start of the spring hunt in B.C.!
  • Visit to understand more about how oil tankers could affect our coast and what you can do to stop them.
  • Visit and find out how open net salmon farming is affecting your health and our oceans. With wild Pacific salmon stocks disappearing, the bears and other wildlife that depend on them are suffering too.
  • Visit and see independent filmmaker Twyla Roscovich's documentaries on our wild salmon, the lifeblood of our coast... and the affects of salmon farming on our wild Pacific salmon populations.
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