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Captain & Crew


Our Captains ensure that our high standards for safety and ethical bear and wildlife viewing, are always met. Their strong leadership, vast knowledge of the natural and cultural histories of our coast, their passion for the coast and its wildlife, and their great sense of humour, keep our guests coming back. On board the ship or on shore in B.C.'s most remote and spectacular locations, our Captains bring out the best and inspire all of us as they lead by example.

As fully certified bear guides, our Captains have high standards for bear and wildlife viewing. All of our bear viewing departures or trips where we could encounter bears, are led by our Captains/bear guides and sometimes other certified bear guides. Before guests go ashore for the first time where there may be bears, guests are briefed on our best practices for bear viewing. To further ensure the safety of our guests, our group sizes are limited to 2 to 5 guests. This allows our guide(s) to provide the highest level of safety to our guests, while having the least impact on the lands we visit and the animals we view - something that is extremely important to us. Our small groups also ensure a more intimate experience for our guests and unparalleled opportunities for our photographers.

Owner and Captain, Eric Boyum

Ocean Adventures and our ship Great Bear II is owned and operated by Captain Eric Boyum. Eric has been exploring and working on the coasts of B.C. and Alaska for over 35 years. He also has logged experience as a Captain in the Caribbean and the Sea of Cortez. As Captain, Eric is certified by Transport Canada.

Eric has just recently retired from a 28 year career as a professional firefighter. As a fire ground officer for the past 10 years, he was in command of many emergency scenes. Eric is also trained in advanced first aid, CPR, swiftwater rescue, and many kinds of technical rescues. With these qualifications and experience, and his Wilderness First Aid training, our guests feel an added confidence when traveling with us.

Eric is also a founding member of the B.C. Commercial Bear Viewing Association, formed to set standards for ethical bear viewing by commercial operators.

Captain Jordan Campbell

Jordan has been working on the west coast of British Columbia and abroad for the past 16 years. Starting out as a deckhand, aboard the sailing tallship "Pacific Grace", he slowly climbed his way through the hawsehole and is now thrilled to be serving aboard the Great Bear II as captain.

In his time off from the Great Bear II, Jordan serves as a captain on a large expedition dive boat, where he takes guests on scuba diving adventures in the Revillagigedo islands off the coast of Mexico.

He is also an avid photographic artist and graduated from Ryerson University with a BFA in photographic studies. Jordan looks forward to sharing his love and excitement for the coast those that travel with him.

In the Office & On-board, Trish Boyum

Helping Eric with the running of the company, marketing and trip reservations, is Eric's long time partner and wife, Trish Boyum.

After having grown up on cattle ranches in B.C.'s interior, Trish now calls the coast her home, and is passionate about the preservation of its wildlife and intact rainforests.

Brought up in the interior of the province means that supporting projects there too is important to Trish — projects that Wayne McCrory of Valhalla Wilderness Society, leads. Wayne, passionate about the preservation of B.C.'s wilderness and wildlife, has been instrumental in gaining protection for many areas of our province. Trish and Eric feel honoured to call Wayne a friend and mentor.

In 2018, Trish will be spending less time in the galley of the Great Bear II and spending more time with guests on board the ship and the field as crew person and photographer.

See Trish Boyum's Facebook Page for updates on timely environmental issues.

"Every time I look into the eyes of Grizzly Bears, like this young female, through the lens of my camera, I'm filled with joy, wonder and a soul-filling gratitude.

After spending time with these bears, I hope our guests will understand what I have come to understand about Grizzly Bears... that they are intelligent, good-natured, perceptive, gentle, sometimes funny, and among the most endearing beings I've come to know."

...from Trish

When you have any questions about our trips, the food our chefs create for you, or any logistical questions, Trish is happy to answer them.

If you have traveled with us in the past, and would like one of Trish's recipes, please feel free to contact her for that as well.

If you are planning a Custom (Private) Charter with us,
Trish would be happy to discuss your food and beverage preferences.

Crew Person, Krista Duncan, our Guide & Naturalist

Krista was born and raised in the Kitasoo/Xai'xais First Nations village of Klemtu, on the central coast of British Columbia, in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest. Krista has a wealth of knowledge about her community and the Kitasoo/Xai'xais lands surrounding it. Having worked with bears as a guide at the village-owned Spirit Bear Lodge and as a field technician with Spirit Bear Research Foundation, Krista spends many days on the ground observing bears and guiding international guests that come to her territory to enjoy the wildlife, the marine life and to learn about her unique and powerful culture. Krista is passionate about conserving the wildlife and the ecosystems that her people have relied on and will continue to rely on for future generations, including the future of her four children.

During the winter months, Krista is also working as a Sgxs transcriber apprentice with the Language working group of the Kitasoo/Xai'xais, helping revive the Southern dialect of Tsimshian, Sgxs.

We are very happy and honoured that Krista is joining us as a guide, naturalist and crew person on our trips in the Great Bear Rainforest. Learning about Krista's culture, her passion for conservation, and her unique relationship with the wildlife, will undoubtedly be a highlight of our guests' time with us!

Chef Cindy Lewis

Cindy is a self-taught chef who loves to create delicious meals using the freshest of ingredients available. While she likes to use her favourite menu items, she is not afraid to try out something new on you!

Cindy is an avid wildlife photographer (bears are favourite) and has found a niche cooking for guests at amazing wildlife locations. Cindy loves meeting new people and enjoys helping them have a great adventure.

Chef Gail Morrison

Gail Morrison is a chef who loves to cook and laugh! Gail has a ton of experience cooking of all sorts of great people in unique situations.

Gail loves the wonderful BC outdoors all year long! While Gail works in several unique wilderness locations, she looks forward to creating amazing food for you on board our Great Bear II.

Chef Barb van der Gracht

We are feeling sorry for ourselves and very very happy for Barb, as she retires from being a Chef. We wish Barb and her husband all the happiness they both deserve!

Chef Darren Stevely

Darren has been a long time friend of Trish and Eric's so they knew that the combination of his cooking skills, his personality, and his great sense of humour, would make him a great Chef on board Great Bear II. Darren loves to look after our guests and keep us all laughing!

We are delighted that Darren will be back with us in 2018!

Crew Person, Eloise Rowland, our onboard Naturalist

Eloise has been living on the B.C. coast for the past 21 years. She is a research biologist and ecologist with a Masters of Science degree in bio acoustic communication. Eloise has conducted research all over the world!

Eloise is currently a primary responder with the B.C. Marine Mammal Response Network and a member of the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition. As a volunteer with the Vancouver Public Aquarium, Eloise is able to share with guests, her enthusiasm about the unique and diverse marine mammal and invertebrate life inhabiting the coast of B.C.!

We are delighted that Eloise is returning as Naturalist and Crew Person for our 2018 season!

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