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Best Whale Watching on B.C.'s North Coast

Whale Watching Adventure Cruises aboard the Great Bear II

Ocean Adventures Whale Watching cruises on BC's North Coast.

B.C.'s Central and North Coast offers some of THE best Whale Watching on earth! Whales are drawn to these nutrient rich waters after long migrations. See below for our trips where Whale Watching is featured.. OR.. Contact us to design a Custom Whale Watching trip that is right for you.

Our ship, Great Bear II is equipped with all the latest navigation equipment as well as our 18 foot zodiac for tours and excursions off the ship, and kayaks to enjoy the serenity of our coastal anchorages.

Our on board naturalist will use HYDROPHONES so that you can enjoy the sounds that whales are making.


Experience unparalleled Whale Watching on British Columbia's central and north coast, take part in research and meet biologists that are studying these magnificent cetaceans.

On board our ship each day, guests will become involved, if they wish, in the sighting and identification of the Humpback Whales that are being studied. Days will primarily be spent on the water, in the comfort of the ship, watching the many behaviours of the Humpbacks as they travel, feed, and interact. As the they surface, and blow, we will hear them from miles away—the clue to their whereabouts.

Bubble net feeding is a co-operative feeding behaviour—one of the most fascinating behaviours we will witness. When the sound of thunder echoes across the water, you can be almost certain that at least one of the whales has performed a full breach—literally flying out of the sea and thundering back in. Seemingly bored, or maybe just trying to knock parasites off their wing-like pectoral fins or tails, we often see the Humpback whales flipper slapping or tail lobbing—a time when we all realize the power of these magnificent cetaceans.


On the surrounding islands, it is possible to see bears as they come to the waters edge to eat barnacles or other delicacies from the sea.  Some of these islands are home to Black Bears, the rare and elusive Spirit Bear, Wolves, River Otters, Eagles, Ravens and many other species of birds.

Life on land here is supported in a large part by the returning wild Pacific salmon, who have, at sea, shared in the bounty of herring with the mighty Humpback Whales.

Out on the water during the day or in the comfort and stillness of our anchorages, guests may also see Elephant Seals, Sea Lions, Seals, River Otters and many kinds of songbirds.


Our small groups, with 2 - 5 guests on scheduled trips, provide more opportunities for whale watching and wildlife viewing while still maintaining the safety of our group. 

These smaller group sizes also have much less impact on the animals and places we visit, something that is extremely important to us.

Experience the Wild in Wilderness !


Let's not share the secret of one of THE best areas on earth for Whale Watching, an area that also affords many opportunities to learn about all the marine mammals they share the Central and North Coast of BC with!

The nutrient rich waters along this coast of the Great Bear Rainforest, are among the richest on the planet. While we never tire of the antics of Humpback Whales or the stealth of Orca or the acrobatics of Pacific White Sided Dolphins and Dalls Porpoises, there are other marine mammals sure to captivate your interest.

Whether watching giant Stellar Sea Lions lolling about on their haul outs or witnessing their prowess at salmon fishing or seeing them nipping at the flukes of Humpback Whales, these playful pinnipeds are great fun to watch and photograph.

When we see the cute, fuzzy faces of Sea Otters, bobbing in the waves, we sometimes forget that these heaviest members of the weasel family are a very important keystone species. Without sea otters, the undersea animals they prey on would devour the kelp forests off the coast that provide cover and food for many other marine animals. Additionally, sea otters indirectly help to reduce levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, as kelp forests play an important role in capturing carbon in coastal ecosystems.

Joining us just once in this part of the world, never seems like quite enough, according to our guests, some of which join us each year.

On land and on the ocean, the Great Bear Rainforest seems to stay with us, long after we've returned home, and keeps calling us to return.


On board our ship, the Great Bear II, sit on deck and enjoy the majesty of some of BC's most remote wilderness and tranquil inlets or take one of our kayaks and explore the shoreline of our coastal anchorages, discovering rich tidal pools, playful river otters and seals. If you are very quiet you may even hear the mournful howl of a wolf as it communicates with its pack.

First class BC wilderness cruises, coastal tours and charters on the West Coast of British Columbia aboard the 54 ft. Great Bear II, out of Vancouver, BC.
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