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The Great Bear Rainforest in Fall

A 8 Day Adventure Cruise aboard the 54 foot motor yacht Great Bear II

Ocean Adventures on BC's West Coast. Bear and Whale Watching

Islands of the Spirit Bear, Waters of the Humpbacks will take you to the heart of BC's Great Bear Rainforest, to experience unparalleled wildlife viewing and whale watching amidst some of the most soul stirring landscapes on earth. Contact us for more details.

Our 54 foot motor yacht, Great Bear II is equipped with all the latest navigation equipment as well as our 18 foot zodiac for excursions and tours ashore, and, kayaks to explore and enjoy the serenity of our coastal anchorages.

Our small group sizes, (of 2-5 guests), are perfect for photographers and those guests preferring a more intimate experience, while providing the highest level of safety. With our small group sizes our guests enjoy more personalized service... they are never part of a crowd.

Please see our SCHEDULE PAGE for dates and prices or email us at


Late summer and fall in the Great Bear Rainforest brings the wild Pacific salmon back to the streams and rivers of their birth to spawn and complete their life cycle. The returning salmon are like a dinner bell for bears, wolves, wolverines, and many species of birds. Even the giant trees in this temperate rainforest, benefit from the salmon.

Humpback whales are busy fattening on krill and herring for their long migration back to Hawaii , providing us with spectacular displays of feeding behaviors such as lunge and bubblenet feeding. Resident Orca are also seen in these waters as they follow the migrating salmon and Transient Orca in search of marine mammals. As we travel we often see porpoises and dolphins as they come to ride on our ship's bow wave.

Whether we're watching Grizzly mothers teaching their cubs to fish... or seeing Black Bears as they pluck jumping salmon from a waterfall... or perhaps see the rare Spirit Bear or Wolf in search of a salmon dinner.. or witness the power of Humpback whales as they fly out of the sea in a full breach...wildlife viewing and whale watching opportunities abound along this part of Canada's west coast.

The spectacular landscapes, the unique wildlife and the powerful cultures of coastal aboriginal people, are the focus of our cruise trips here.


Walk the great creeks and rivers with your expert bear viewing guides, (members of the Commercial Bear Viewing Association of BC), and marvel at the struggle of all five species of wild Pacific salmon as they return to their spawning grounds.

The wild Pacific salmon are considered the life- blood of the coast, feeding not only people, but bears, wolves, birds, insects and even the towering trees of the Great Bear Rainforest.

As you sit quietly at the water's edge, taking in all the sounds and smells of the rainforest, watch closely for Black Bears, Grizzly Bears, the unique Spirit Bear, Wolves, Otters, Eagles and Ravens as they come in search of a salmon feast.


Our small group sizes of not more than 5 guests on scheduled trips, provide our guests with the best wildlife viewing and safety, while making the least impact on the lands we visit and the wildlife we view, something that is extremely important to us.

Our small groups ensure our guests the most intimate experiences and the best opportunities to witness the natural behaviors of the wildlife amidst some of the powerful landscapes on earth.

(In certain circumstances on Private (Custom) trips, we may be able to accommodate 6 guests.)


During our "Islands of the Spirit Bear, Waters of the Humpbacks" we will travel through the traditional territories of several First Nations People. As you meet some of these people, you will be meeting our friends and our teachers.. and you will have opportunities to learn why these lands are to important to their futures.


Throughout this trip... we will have many opportunities to enjoy spectacular Humpback whale watching. Their awe inspiring behaviors... breaching, bubble net feeding, tail lobbing - are sure to provide you with some phenomenal photos!

The giant dorsal fins of the Orcas are always a cause for excitement. Although usually on the move, and not quite the regular performers that Humpbacks are, our guests always enjoy witnessing the Orcas' apparent stealth and power. Often, as we travel, porpoises and dolphins will come to ride on the wake of our ship Great Bear II. As they speed along in the water beneath us or as they fly out of the water, all cameras are readied for a chance to get that perfect shot.


On board our ship, the Great Bear II, sit on deck and enjoy the majesty of BC's most remote and wild inlets or take one of our kayaks and explore the shoreline of our coastal anchorages, discovering rich tidal pools, playful river otters and seals. If you are very quiet perhaps you will even hear the mournful howl of a wolf as it communicates with its pack.


We welcome you aboard, to share with you, what we believe are global treasures.

We want to spend less time traveling long distances each day, and have more time for you to really get to know the places, the wildlife and the people along the way.

When our paths cross with nature's best: Grizzly bears feeding on sedges or salmon... Spirit Bears feasting on berries or fish... Humpback Whales breaching or bubble netting... the towering trees of the Great Bear Rainforest... a Peregrine falcon in flight... or simply enjoying the stillness and serenity of this soul stirring wilderness... we have time to stop, for as long as we like, and savour these life changing moments.

For other trips featuring bear viewing / whale watching you can join us in late May / June in the Great Bear Rainforest.

For other trips featuring Whale Watching and the Aboriginal culture of the Haida First Nations, you can join us in Haida Gwaii.

Experience the Wild in Wilderness !

From our Guests...

"Hard to find enough superlatives to express our experience with you this week." ~ Andrea & John from the U.K.

"I will always be grateful for your part in giving meaning and definition to my life, and in helping mother earth and all her creatures." ~Mary from Victoria

"It's called a "Rainforest" but we had six days of sunshine! Check on eBay for a poncho going cheap!" ~ Dave from the U.K.

First class BC wilderness cruises, coastal tours and charters on the West Coast of British Columbia aboard the 54 ft. Great Bear II, out of Vancouver, BC.
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